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Online Clothing Store for Women Shopping in Pakistani

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Elation Collection Pakistan's Most Trusted and Reputed Online Clothing Shop.

Elation Collection is Operated by Elation Enterprises Pakistan's Local Registered and authorized Company and is most trusted and reputed for Online Women's Clothing.

there are thousands of online women's clothing websites and shops and Pakistan what makes different from others and why you should buy from simply the quality.

as we all knows shopping online is trending everywhere around the globe people enjoy online shopping and trust in e-commerce shops but in Pakistan, the scenario is completely different.

the global leader,, and in middle east recently growing and before there was all the market leaders and big market places and created credibility of establishing quality which consumers feel trustworthy and value for money beside this in pakistan which is still one of the big market players but in the beginning, when people start shopping online and tried trusting on online shopping poor service quality and fake products and miss use of this wonderful market place ruined the entire e-commerce industry and online shopping experience in Pakistan due to bad and poor online shopping experience from the big name like in Pakistan, Pakistani people especially women who play the very important role in shipping in Pakistan not finding online website trustworthy and value for money, and because of that in Pakistan this perception and fear developed, that online companies are not genuine and the product quality is not value for money this make huge lost and even after years still people are afraid shopping online.

when we decided to launch an online women's clothing shop in Pakistan we did a small survey in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and had talks with the women's coming to shopping in the local markets in Rawalpindi like Sadar, and raja Bazar, etc. and find women's are not feeling comfortable to shopping from the stores, they said it took lots of time and travel expenses are too high in Pakistan, spending almost 8 to 10 hrs in finding right clothes after looking into so many different stores and sometimes coming back for return and exchange this all very painful and disturbing women's in Pakistan want to shop online especially cloths but they said they have tried many websites and always they get a bad product, poor service quality and difficulties in return and exchange of products.

after knowing this all fact still we decided to launch another clothing and fashion store in Pakistan the reason is simple, to make difference and to change people perception of e-commerce shopping, e-commerce had to change the world and it creases millions of new opportunities also it creates thousand of entrepreneurs which helps any nation to grow faster best example is middle east and India and China.

in Pakistan when there was a time to create a positive perception for online shopping al almost all the initial companies were failed due to poor service quality.

we take this challenge Elation Collection vision or to change people perception towards online shopping in Pakistan and that's why we convince women's to shop from and feel the difference and allow us to serve you at least once. the eCommerce industry has lots of power and potential and it can help and play a major role in terms of Pakistan economical growth it is very important and we take this responsibility to win people confidence and bring them back for online shopping if we do not work on this will lose all the potential and this will take Pakistan back while all other nations are growing including India, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh all our neighbors are doing absolutely fine job and we DIG OWN GRAVE we do agree that we learn from the mistake and which is giant in Pakistan has taken lots of precautions and positive steps to win consumers trust back cause daraz knows what will lose if they don't fix the issues.

ELation Collection is committed to providing best products, we have our own quality control team which check each and every suit and all parts of cloths to make sure there is no any damage or any other error in our cloths we do quality control check regularly to provide the best quality of suit to our consumers, as our vision it to create a healthy and positive perception and win more and more trust of consumers and customer. we know the importance and for that, we have taken all the steps to make sure quality and we need to bring people in Pakistan especially women's to start shopping online. we offer free delivery across Pakistan by Pakistan's best and fastest courier service TCS and we deliver within 2-3 working days anywhere in Pakistan, we promise for best pricing and high product and service quality, we offer cash on delivery facility pay only after you get your products at your door step, and even after this all if you didn't happy with our products and price we offer the return and exchange policy without asking any questions. our aim is to make you feel comfortable, safe, and to provide you with value for money products, and to help the e-commerce industry to grow in Pakistan and more and more businesses come into digital and start selling locally and globally.

we would like to request Pakistani girls, women's and all females to allow us to serve your latest once and feel the difference in online women's clothes shopping in Pakistan and contribute to Pakistan growth and help us to win your confidence and to provide you best quality products in very reasonable prices at your doorstep.

log on and visit and explore our latest collection and new arrivals.

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